Skin Lovers:

How we led them to a 54% sales jump and helped the store sell internationally.

Skin Lovers is an exclusive online beauty pharmacy that partners with over 35 premium skincare and beauty brands to deliver exclusive products to customers worldwide. When Helder got in touch with Paul, Skin Lovers was split into 2 Shopify stores to support 2 different marketplaces, had an outdated design and wasn't making as much money as they wanted.

One day after the changes have been fully implemented, the store conversion rate went up to 2.39% and sales increased with 32%. In the first month, Skin Lovers registered a 54% sales jump and 61% more orders. They are still working with us to sky rocket the performance, and the changes we did technically and visually were the right stimulator for the users who started to buy more.


Case Study


  • To create one single backend for all markets: a store capable of selling internationally in different markets.
  • To expand from 2 big markets to 5 main markets and offer promotions and customized content for each one.
  • To improve the look and feel of the website by providing a more pleasant experience for the modern user.
  • To increase the conversion rate (CRO) and the average order value (AOV).

Pain Points:

  • Not sure if the Shopify platform was able enough to support multiple marketplaces in a single store and offer customization for each one.
  • Didn’t want to lose the SEO built on the two stores.
  • Although they had a small brand guideline, they were not sure what the new design should feel like and what steps were needed to revamp the store while keeping the costs at an efficient level.
  • Not sure how to make shoppers buy more and how to make the Checkout funnel more efficient.

Solution 1: Markets for Everyone

We helped the brand to scale up by using Shopify Markets and its auxiliary tools for international selling.

The first thing we did was to discuss with Helder (CEO) and decide on which markets should we focus on and which ones would be left in the subsidiary. Once this has been decided, each country became a Market inside the same Shopify store.

The backend worked great and we assigned local currency for all users. The main language became English, but all Portuguese-speaking people who stuck to Skin Lovers from the very beginning had the chance to switch from English to Portuguese real quick through a Language Switcher.

The Geolocation feature has been introduced to the store to allow users to shop in their favourite currency and benefit from customized content.We used 301 Redirects to tell search engines that the pages have been permanently moved to a new location so they can update their index accordingly.

Everything has been automatized at the end and all the different day-to-day changes are now translated and up-to-date in every Market created for the brand.

Solution 2: Customer Experience comes first

We turned an old design into a modern, beautiful website with unique elements and better brand awareness.

We understood how important it was to stay cost-efficient. To do say, we used a premium theme to lay the foundation for the redesign, a cost-effective solution that provided a robust skeleton for the website. However, we didn't stop there. Knowing that a one-size-fits-all approach wouldn't suffice for Skin Lovers' unique needs, we went the extra mile by integrating custom-coded solutions. This bespoke touch allowed us to address specific challenges and tailor the website to meet the brand's distinct requirements.

One of the goals for us was to create a website that wouldn’t need to be redesigned for a long time, could be updated easily by anyone and would offer a great first impression to the users. We intended to reduce the bounce rate and increase the conversion by doing so. The Product Page was our main focus and we made sure to craft something beautiful and complete.

One of the key benefits of our design overhaul is the improved readability and searchability of information. Users can now effortlessly find all the details they need, making the shopping journey smooth and satisfying. From product descriptions to shipping information, every piece of content is strategically placed for maximum impact, empowering customers to make informed decisions. We ensured that the website not only looks aesthetically pleasing but also provides an intuitive and enjoyable browsing experience. Seamless navigation, clear calls to action, and strategically placed elements.

People can find now all the details they need and take action based on that. After one month, the store sales have been increased by 54%. The brand made €160,000.00 after 6 months from launch, which is 38% better than the previous period (and we haven’t been yet in the Q4).

While the initial results are impressive, we understand that continuous improvement is the key. We're actively working on further enhancing social proof elements and optimizing the sales funnel for even greater efficiency. The journey with Skin Lovers doesn't end with the redesign; it's an ongoing collaboration focused on sustained growth and success.